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It is certainly miserable to suffer from hay fever while those less allergic to pollen take full delight in the beauty of flowers and blossoms. To make things worse, once an attack has started it is difficult to stop it quickly. In fact, it is generally too late to find relief. In order to check the development of hay fever, it is necessary to begin treatment early, no later than February. If you know that you are susceptible to hay fever attacks you must start treatment in the winter before the trees and flowers begin to bloom.

A treatment consisting of ten subcutaneous homoeopathic injections of formic acid and a herb complex has brought about relief, as has been confirmed by former sufferers. To ensure a permanent cure, the treatment must be repeated at the beginning of the following year. Moreover, during the entire year do not neglect to take Urticalcin regularly. Urticalcin powder also has a good healing effect when drawn up the nose like snuff. Furthermore, the nose should be creamed daily with Bioforce Cream, which prevents the mucous membranes from drying out. At the same time take Galeopsis, Kali iod. 4x and Arsen. album 4x. Also helpful are two or three teaspoons of honey taken daily. Make sure that the diet consists of natural wholefoods and stay away from denatured, refined foods. Animal fats are also out of the question. Pollinosan, a new homoeopathic medicine made from tropical plants, has already proved to be an effective treatment for hay fever and other allergies.

If you follow this advice and repeat the treatment until the hay-fever has completely cleared up, you will gradually get rid of this troublesome allergy and make your life more enjoyable even when the plant world bursts out in blossoms and flowers.


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