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An earache should never be taken lightly as serious illness can result from it. First of all, apply a poultice to the neck; even if it is only onions the effect will be beneficial. Do not use chemist’s ear drops; rather, go on a fruit diet and avoid all highly seasoned and heavy foods for a few weeks. See your doctor for syringing, which may be done with infusions of ribwort, camomile, marigold or lemon balm.

If a throbbing sensation is felt deep down in the ear, or if the pain is severe on one side, particularly in the right ear, and gets worse at night, Calcarea carbonica 6x (Calcium carbonicum Hahnemann) will help to soothe it. The patient should receive competent treatment at this stage, because inflammation of the middle ear {Otitis media) can develop, and this is more serious than many people think. If the pus, instead of breaking through the eardrum and draining from the ear canal, actually perforates the thin bone wall discharging into the cranial cavity, it may spread to the mastoid air cells and reach the covering of the brain and the brain itself – resulting in a critical condition.

Improperly treated infection of the middle ear can result in meningitis. Serious problems of the ear and the middle ear are often created by incompletely treated or suppressed infectious diseases such as scarlet fever, measles, whooping cough, diphtheria, influenza and tonsillitis, because they scatter their viruses and toxins throughout the body. Hence, if a relapse is to be avoided, elimination of the toxins is of the utmost importance. Improper treatment can affect the auditory nerves and cause loss of hearing; these nerves may degenerate or atrophy altogether and lead to complete deafness.


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