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Leucorrhoea is the result of catarrh (inflammation of the mucous membranes) and, as such, we should make every effort to cure it properly. This is of great importance because it is an uncomfortable condition and weakens the body. As with any other inflammation of the mucous membranes, we should persevere in the treatment until it has completely cleared up. Indeed, we should never neglect to treat the mucous membranes whenever there is something wrong with them. They are under constant threat from external influences and bacterial infections and a constant fight is called for. The mucous membranes are only able to withstand the attacks of invading harmful bacteria by calling the friendly ones to the rescue. The harmful bacteria must be killed, if at all possible. That is why we have mouth bacteria, for example, which are there to attack harmful invaders.

The mucous membranes of the genital organs in a healthy woman normally secrete lactic acid, which prevents the development of harmful bacteria. But if the production of lactic acid is insufficient, resistance against micro-organisms is considerably diminished, and it is easy for an inflammation to develop.

In this respect it is important to watch your diet, since inadequate nutrition may slow down and weaken the growth of lactic acid bacteria. As a result, invading bacteria soon gain a foothold and the body has to adopt a different defence strategy. It will secrete mucus and dispatch leucocytes and lymphocytes to combat the foreign invaders, all in an effort to expel them from the body. And that is the so-called ‘whites’, a white or yellowish discharge of mucous material from the vagina.


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