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It is a proven fact that a carrot juice diet has a favourable effect on the eyes on account of the provitamin A carrots contain. Anything that stimulates the circulation and the supply of blood to the eyes helps to improve their efficiency, and this is where carrot juice is most beneficial. If raw carrots are not available, use condensed carrot juice (Biocarottin) instead. As supporting remedies in the treatment take Aesculaforce and a calcium complex {Urticalcin), as well as goldenrod for the kidneys. The requirement of silica can be met by taking Galeopsis (hemp nettle).

Since liver disorders, constipation and overtiredness can also be the causes of eye troubles, make sure that both the liver and the bowels are functioning properly. The liver is best restored to good working order by a liver diet (see page 247) and by taking Chel-idonium 4x and Podophyllum 4x or Boldocynara liver drops. Very often constipation will disappear at the same time, but if this should not be the case, use a natural remedy for it. Above all, avoid denatured foods. Instead, eat a natural diet that is low in protein and salt. If you are feeling overworked, make sure to get to sleep at least two hours before midnight and take oat extract in the form of Avenaforce, and Eleutherococcus, a remedy made from the taiga root, since both are known for their value as general tonics for the nerves and body.

Consider each case carefully and, in accordance with the diagnosed problem, choose the right remedies and treatment.

In the case of a blocked tear duct, observe the general advice already given and for external treatment apply packs made with clay and a horsetail infusion. For conjunctivitis make up an eye bath from eyebright and marigold tea.


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