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Years ago, when we were not so eager to work overtime by artificial light and went to bed early, there were fewer people with painful, weak and tired eyes. So why not try a most extraordinary remedy? Why not turn the clock back and live for four weeks without electric light? How can you do this? Well, quite simply by doing without the convenience of modern lighting. You refrain from using this miracle of modern technology; you simply do not switch on the electric light. Your painful, burning, overtired eyes, which can no longer do their work efficiently, will respond to this care and rapidly recover.” But in j order to be well armed against the force of habit, you must plan j your day carefully so that when it gets dark, you will not bej tempted to turn on the light despite all your good intentions.

Years ago, the evenings were used to relax and recuperate and to prepare oneself for the rest that was to end the day. Try to do this for four weeks. It will help you to see and experience why ourl Creator has given us the different lights, the bright light of the sun by day and the gentle soothing moonlight by night. Just try to work hard in the soft moonlight. You will gladly desist. Why?! Because if you let its magic spell work on you like an age-old! lullaby, you will soon drop off and enjoy a deep, restful sleep.] Truly, if you make full use of the night for rest, you will wake cheerfully with the first gleam of daylight, without feeling drowse or still tired and sluggish. You will not feel morose and only partially rested, turning over on the other side to sleep on into the day. What you had intended doing by artificial light, you can do more cheerfully and with much less effort in the full light of the early morning. You will be amazed at what this compliance to nature’s laws can do for you; it will renew your energies and benefit your eyesight at the same time.


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