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The unnatural strain of artificial light, which we impose on our eyes year after year, will no longer bother us if we adapt our daily routine to the coming and going of daylight. This is the natural order of things established by God and the more we set ourselves against it, the more our eyes will tire and suffer. Indeed, if things go on much longer as they do, one day it will be hard to imagine a person without spectacles. We hardly ever stop to think about the detrimental consequences of our unnatural life-style, do we? Immersed as we are in an atmosphere of artificiality, we have lost touch with nature, we are out of tune and can no longer learn and follow its natural rhythm. How would plants fare if day and night they had to live in the light, without a chance to regenerate themselves in darkness? Their cells would tire out and suffer damage and their natural functions would be impaired. Why, then, should not man, the crown of Creation, conform to the harmony of the natural laws? Why should he not use and enjoy to the full the priceless, wondrous exhilaration of the early morning hours, rather than miss out on them, lying in bed asleep while outside the sun is shining gloriously, and do during the night what was not done in the morning hours? Why should anyone create restless nights for himself, only because they did not sleep soundly during the hours before midnight, building up strength for the next day’s work? If we could only reorganise our schedule of activities our eyes would indeed benefit greatly. When light fades, let us put aside our work, and when daylight comes once more, take it up again, strengthened and refreshed. Not only our eyes, but our whole body will benefit from this natural way of life.


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