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Additionally, however, it is necessary to combat the disease from within the body by taking a calcium preparation (Urticalcin) and Lachesis 12x. For external treatment apply cabbage leaf and clay poultices in alternation. The clay for the poultice should be made into a paste using horsetail tea. Poultices of grated horseradish mixed with soft white cheese (quark) can also be used; these are stronger and especially effective. Pure horseradish may be too strong, so mix it with soft white cheese or finely grated carrots to reduce the strength. One-third horseradish with two-thirds cheese or carrots will still give you the full healing benefit of horseradish and do the job well. With these treatments a bad sore throat can be cured fast.

If a cough or catarrh follows the throat trouble, take syrup made from raw pine shoots (Santasapina) or ribwort syrup and Kali iod. 4x, besides Imperatoria. These harmless remedies prevent the tonsillitis toxins from invading other parts of the body. But if they are already in the blood, it is essential to stimulate the kidneys to greater activity so that the toxins can be eliminated as quickly as possible. While Solidago and kidney tea are best for this purpose, sweating cures support the elimination process; any method of inducing perspiration is suitable, as long as the patient can tolerate the procedure.

A follow-up cure is indispensable to eliminate the toxins completely. This can be achieved by taking kidney drops, such as Nephrosolid, and liver drops. Steam baths also help to speed up the excretion of toxins. During the treatment the patient’s diet should be low in protein and salt and high in vitamins and minerals. Never shy away from the effort and bother the thorough and careful treatment of a bad sore throat may entail. It will save you the troublesome consequences that often leave a patient with permanent damage.


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