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Alcohol and drugs can influence the brain to the extent that several centres are slowed down while others accelerate. Hence the person may lose his inhibitions and temporarily act and feel differently to how he would under normal circumstances. Permanent damage, that is, softening of the brain and paralysis, may occur when vitality decreases as a result of poisoning with metals such as arsenic and mercury. These and other poisons impair and block certain processes of the brain and the central nervous system, as is known to happen in advanced cases of syphilis. The metallic toxins may remain inactive in the body for years, only to strike the victim in later life, with tragic consequences.

Meningitis is another disease which can have grave consequences, yet it is possible to prevent it by striving to keep the circulation in good condition. If, however, one falls victim to it from contact with an infected person, every effort should be made to cure the disease without delay. One of the most effective remedies for this is Echinaforce. If meningitis is not treated properly it can lead to partial paralysis and other permanent damage. This should be reason enough not to take it lightly but to give it the best care and attention. The patient should be kept in a darkened room and away from all noise, since he will be very sensitive to light and disturbances. Remember, meningitis is always dangerous, not only because it can bring lasting damage to the body, but also because it might lead to death.


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