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Many of the complications of HIV infection involve the mouth. Because of this, it is important for all people with HIV infection to inspect their mouths regularly, pay careful attention to oral hygiene, and get regular dental care. Though most complications occur in the later stages of the disease, some occur early.
Pain in the Mouth-The most common causes of pain in the mouth include thrush, oral hairy leukoplakia, herpes simplex, aphthous ulcers, and Kaposi’s sarcoma. Most of them can be diagnosed largely on the basis of their appearance. The biggest problem with pain in the mouth is adequate nutrition. It obviously makes sense to avoid foods that cause pain: foods that are highly seasoned, for instance, or citrus fruits or certain vegetables that are highly acidic. Also avoid foods that are very hot or very cold. Instead, eat bland foods, foods that are soft, and nutritious liquids like milkshakes. Exactly what you eat should suit your own preference, as long as it is nutritious.
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